Sleep Well

A good night’s sleep makes all the difference to our day-to-day quality of life. But impaired mobility often means that even in bed, relaxation and sleep do not come easily. Some physical disabilities make it hard to turn in bed and get comfortable. For those with additional cognitive impairment, confusion and disorientation can lead to falling from the bed, and equally as stressful - the fear of falling from the bed.

Exponens will assess client sleeping needs and identify sleeping aides that will best address night-time challenges so that sleep can come peacefully, comfortably and safely.

  • Sleep safely with a sleep monitoring device, security alarm and motion bracelets

  • Sleep securely with a sleep management system to prevent falling

  • Turn with ease with a smart turning bed

  • Remove pressure from knee-joints while sleeping with a configurable sleep system

  • Control night-time sweating with a temperature controlled mattress

  • Wake up with a voice sensor alarm



When one of the first tasks we undertake every morning strains us physically - and mentally - we can dread the start of each day. This is a reality for millions of people around the world who cannot get out of bed or use the bathroom without assistance.

At Exponens we tailor hygiene and grooming technologies to the needs of mobility impaired clients of all ages and levels of mobility. Through assistive technologies our clients are able to start their day in a more empowered, efficient and independent way.

  • Get out of bed with an electronic bed frame

  • Go to the bathroom with a mobile toilet

  • Refresh with a self-disinfecting cloth


Walk Easy

Walking is something the vast majority of us take for granted and can make the difference between a life of dependency and a life of physical freedom.

For many people who are mobility impaired opening the front door or walking to the kitchen to make a cup of tea is fraught with difficulty, and for others, it is impossible without assistance. 

Exponens assesses the mobility parameters of each client to identify mobility aids and other assistive devices that will most effectively enhance each individual’s mobility. Our suite of Easy Walk products gives our clients back the seemingly small acts of independence that can transform lives.

  • Get out of bed with ease with a mobile lift

  • Go downstairs with your own Eko-skeleton or lift

  • Sit down and get up independently with an Up-lift

  • Automatically alert your nurse, friends or family if you fall with a safety floor

Med Care

Taking a complex cocktail of medications is a daily reality for many elderly people and those suffering from chronic diseases. Remembering when they need to take their medication, and what they need to take, can be difficult and stressful, often leading to health complications and emergency hospital admissions.

Exponens assesses medication needs and identifies the most suitable assistive devices to remove the burden of medication dispensing and recall from patients and carers, and ensure that medication is taken according to the prescription. This improves quality of life enhancing your loved one’s sense of independence.

  • Use Exponens to remind your loved one when to take their medicine and how to take it

  • Use Exponens to store medical information which can be recalled at the push of a button

  • Make the transition from the hospital to home easier with the 24/7 security of medical advice just a push button away

  • Press a button and get help with scheduling doctors’ visits and the coordination of home care

  • Press a button to let first responders, family and friends know that assistance is needed

Stay Safe

Falling and getting injured are a constant worry for many people with impaired mobility. Elderly people in particular can find it challenging to call for assistance.

Exponens assesses the home and personal security needs of each client and identifies those technologies best suited to their safety and security needs.  A range of alarm devices can be installed throughout the home to ensure that when a loved one falls, an alert is automatically sent to first responders, and designated family, friends and carers. The installation of such alarms can bring tremendous peace of mind to those with impaired mobility, as well as to carers and family.

  • Never worry about falling again with a floor sensor that picks up on stumbling and falling and sends an automatic alert to first responders and/or family, friends and carers

  • A fall from bed automatically triggers a light to come on to help with reorientation, and also sends an alert to first responders and/or family, friends and carers

  • A fall from the toilet triggers an alert sent automatically to first responders and/or family, friends and carers who can come to assist





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