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Between 110 million and 190 million adults worldwide have significant difficulties in functioning. Some people need extra support because of temporary conditions. Others need ongoing support because of chronic conditions or loss of autonomy due to a disability or age-related dependency. Thanks to advancements in robotics,
assistive technologies and mobility aids, immobility at any age no longer has to mean
a loss of independence and quality of life.

Exponens was created to make life easier for people of all ages suffering from impaired mobility. With our knowledge of mobility technology and robotics, and our unparalleled expertise in disability and assistive living, we are uniquely placed to meet the needs of  people living with conditions that have compromised their independence.

The range and complexity of technologies on the market today designed to aid mobility is vast but also emerging. We carefully assess client needs before finding solutions that will cost-effectively work for them. We then train the client, carers or family on how to use the technology, install it, and maintain it.
From going to the bathroom and getting out of bed, to talking on the phone,and taking medication, Exponens has a technology solution that will give your loved one back their independence.



We are all living longer than ever today. To ensure that we can enjoy fulfilling and independent lives well into our latter years, Exponens provides new approaches to healthcare provision that maximise personal wellbeing. We’re dedicated to providing custom-technology solutions to improve quality of life for elderly and anyone with impaired  mobility.

Our Team

A registered nurse with:

long-term hospital care experience (both intensive and stabilization care)

long-term social services experience with focus on care for seniors with different cognitive deficits and on care for people recovering from spinal cord injuries

An engineer with PhD in physics with:

R&D experience in the field of medicine sensing applications and robotic

lecturer at the Faculty of Biomedical Engineering of CTU (Solid State Physics and Medicine Applications)

A medical doctor with:

Specialization in General Medicine (interest in pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics drug interactions)

Experience with work at II. internal gastroenterology clinic of Faculty of Medicine, Charles University


Mudr. Helena Munzarová

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