New approach in providing care services

Exponens is start-up company which apply new approuch in providing care services in the the field of post-traumatic care, better life quality for seniors (well-being), ease of work for professional nurses, assistants, and family who take care of disabled people. Our main advantage is that our company can combine modern technologies like robotics with human factor on both - treating and treated - sides. It means than we can propose complex solution to professional assistants and family to ease their work as well as to disabled people to improve quality of their life.



We are all living longer than ever today. To ensure that we can enjoy fulfilling and independent lives well into our latter years, Exponens provides new approaches to healthcare provision that maximise personal wellbeing. We’re dedicated to providing custom-technology solutions to improve quality of life for elderly and anyone with impaired  mobility.

Our Team

A registered nurse with:

long-term hospital care experience (both intensive and stabilization care)

long-term social services experience with focus on care for seniors with different cognitive deficits and on care for people recovering from spinal cord injuries

An engineer with PhD in physics with:

R&D experience in the field of medicine sensing applications and robotic

lecturer at the Faculty of Biomedical Engineering of CTU (Solid State Physics and Medicine Applications)

A medical doctor with:

Specialization in General Medicine (interest in pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics drug interactions)

Experience with work at II. internal gastroenterology clinic of Faculty of Medicine, Charles University


Mudr. Helena Munzarová

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